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Barry Library Author Event

On the Saturday June 28th I will be taking part at a wonderful author event at Barry Library from 10.30am onwards. I shall be chatting and signing copies of both my novels Whispers of a Storm and Shadows of a Storm, so come a long for a chat. There will be over 20 other authors taking part, from many different genres, so if you are a book-lover, or aspiring author, part of a reading group, it should be a wonderful day. Hope to see you there!

June Is Booking Out All Over: an author event at Barry LibraryPile of books

Saturday 28 June, Barry Library from 10.30am

This event offers an opportunity for authors, public and those responsible for organising

author events to come together for the day to chat, share ideas, make contacts and even get a book signed! So, if you’re an author who’s established or just starting out, an author workshop/visit organiser or if you love reading and fancy meeting your favourite author, why not come along to Barry Library on the day?


The following is a selection of authors who have confirmed their attendance so far: Toni Sands, Terry Breverton, Colin Parsons, Sam Kates, Michaela Weaver, Bill James, Catrin Collier, Eileen Younghusband, Phil Carradice, Sally Spedding, Anthony Lavisher, Will Macmillan Jones, David Alexander, Anthony Ormond, Voula Grand, Laura Foakes, Cathy Farr, Michelle Briscombe, Andy Frankham Allen, Penny Richards, Evonne Wareham, Lynette Rees, Simon Okill, Thea Phillips.


For more information, or if you are an author who is interested in attending, please contact Barry Library.

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