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I was invited to  take part in the ‘My Writing Process‘ Blog Tour by fellow fantasy author, Simon Williams. You can check out his blog and own answers for the blog tour here

So without further ado, here is my contribution for your reading pleasure:-

Q1  What are you currently working on?

I am currently four chapters deep, into my third novel Vengence of a Storm, the final installment of the STORM TRILOGY. It is a culmination of nearly five years of work for me and I am excited to finally be working on it, gathering up all the plot threads I have been weaving, tying them all together for the final novel.

From there, I have several projects in mind, the next one being a modern thriller, set in and around 2018. With two chapters already under my belt, I shall look forward to returning to a story I started nearly eight years ago.


Q2 How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Well, for me genre is something I try not to focus on. Sure, the Storm Trilogy is classed as a medieval fantasy, but I set out to write a tale that would appeal to all readers, as well as the genre fans. With no real magic, or mystical creatures, no Elves or Dwarves in the trilogy, I have found that my books have been read by lots of readers who have said “I never normally read this type of book, but…”

I think that one of the main things that really appeals to my readers, is that I have strong female characters – not just damsels in distress that are just there as a love interest, to carry the story along. All my ladies have big roles to play and their spirit and importance in my tales are as equal as the roles their male counterparts have.

Although for some readers, I may go into to detail when describing scenery and the action taking place, for the whole, many of my readers have said that it paints for them a wonderful, visual portrait in their mind, as if they were watching a movie.

That really gives me great inspiration to carry on doing what I do, creating tales that are fast-paced, full of imagery, intrigue – making the reader want to find out what happens next. I always trying to keep the reader guessing, hopefully surprising them with the unexpected and I try not get to involved in laying out the history of the land in detail, filling the readers minds with unecessary back-story that slows down the pace of the books.


Q3 Why do I write what I do?

I grew up watching the swashbuckling adventures of Errol Flynn and Tony Curtis, always swept away by the action on screen. I think that is why I came to love all things medieval and subsequently, fantasy. My real inspiration to write, however, was when I started reading novels by the author David Gemmell. His wonderful stories were like nothing I had ever read before, filling my imagination with spectacular imagery and heroism. When David died in 2006, I began writing myself, to fill the void in my imagination left behind by the great man’s sudden passing.


Q4 How does my writing process work?

For me, it generally starts with a germ of an idea, one that ususally ends up on a post-it note somewhere. From there, I begin to formulate a starting point for the tale and the main characters who will carry the torch forward for me. I take many ideas from life itself, experiences I have had, things I have seen, read, or listened to. All these ingredients go into the pot to bubble away for some time, before I start in earnest.

With Whispers of a Storm, the first part of the trilogy, it began with a conversation I overheard in a supermarket. From there, that evolved in to over 150k words. Phew! The idea for my modern thriller, the story I shall be working on next, came to me whilst I was on a a trip to India.

I am always thinking up plots and ideas, always chewing them over in my head. Many of the ideas that I have left out of the Storm Trilogywill one day be used somewhere else, hopefully.

Once I have the ideas and I am ready to start in earnest, I have to have routine. A set amount of time each week to sit down and know that I have no other distrations. As a part-time writer now, I have a much better routine, which should really help with my output.

Well, that’s all from me, next week, you will have a chance to find out what Writing Process the following two authors have. Be sure to check out their websites/blogs on Monday 14th July. Until then, here is a little information about them both:-

Andy Frankham-Allen

Welsh-born Andy Frankham-Allen has authored many short stories, some for Big Finish’s Doctor Who anthologies, and many more for Untreed Reads’ horror collection. He’s also authored novellas of all genres, and one audio drama.

‘Seeker’ was his first full-length novel, the first in a series of four books, a new take on vampire mythology as well as a series about sexual identity and free will vs. predestination. Other full-length works includes two novels in the Space: 1889 & Beyond series; ‘Journey to the Heart of Luna’, and ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ (which he co-authored with New York Times’ best-seller, Frank Chadwick).

When not writing, he’s Commissioning Editor and Creative Consultant for Untreed Reads’ Space 1889 & Beyond e-book series.

Check out his blog here


Penny Richards

A  debut author, this mother of two from Barry, has penned her first novel ‘A cracked Imagination’, a collection of ten independent short stories, each with a dark twist. Tales of survival, revenge and murder are explored as each main character fulfils, or flees from, an act of evil. You can check out her debut novel here


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