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In Review of… Kiss Me When I’m Dead

Next up for my review feature I take a look at Kiss Me When I’m Dead, by Dominic Piper, the first book in a series of gritty, sometimes described ‘hard-boiled’ thrillers, that follow the exploits of the main protagonist, PI Daniel Beckett.

When Beckett is offered double his usual fee to track down Viola Raleigh, the missing daughter of a billionaire arms dealer, he has no reason to believe the assignment is not as it seems. But his investigation is hindered as he discovers he’s being stalked by a professional surveillance team. As he learns more about Viola’s life as a drug addict and high-class call girl, he starts to realise that his wealthy client has been economical with the truth. It isn’t long before Beckett himself is in danger, but his adversaries quickly discover that they are dealing with a formidable opponent with a far more sinister background than they might ever have imagined.


In Review of… Kiss Me When I’m Dead

First off, before I even talk about the book, I should say I don’t read a lot of thrillers, unless they are historical, so for me to travel outside my comfort zone, is a rare thing, indeed. These days I prefer the company of Historical fiction, so Kiss Me When I’m Dead would not normally be first off the shelf for me.

But as I return to my reading, oh my, am I glad it was!

Our erstwhile detective, Daniel Beckett is suave, handsome, and lives in London. He’s careful and cautious about his life in the capital, and even more careful about his past. A Private Investigator, he takes on jobs your average investigator might not even know existed, and that means that he is very familiar with the seedy underbelly of the capital, it’s streets and the ghouls that run and operate them.

From the first page, the book grabs you. By the second page it won’t let go, and as this smart, sexy and often funny thriller unfolds on the page before you, it would be very easy to devour this masterful book in a couple of sittings. The plot is so intruiging, that you immediately get swept along by Beckett’s endeavours, as he tries to track down the afore mentioned Viola Raleigh. Estranged from her billionaire father, she has gone missing, for a second time, it transpires, and as Beckett begins to scratch at the surface of what has been going on, tugs firmly on the strands and picks up her trail, he discovers more than he bargained for, despite the vast amount of money on offer.

I am not going to give anything away. And this could prove to be one of my shortest reviews to date – but that is only because I want you to experience the same shocks, laughs and surprises that I had along the way.

Piper’s writing is a stand-out for me. The writing is simply fantastic! His observations, his descriptive craft and Beckett’s internal monologue is full of such visual skill, you could almost be watching this on the screen. You are in every room with Beckett, on every street and dark alleway. Every woman Beckett meets, you can see her before you, every goon he encounters, who can picture them coming at you, and every scrape he gets into, you can feel it, crunching out of the page.

And let’s get this out there, Beckett is not your average Private Investigator. Handsome, and with an eye for the ladies, who certainly have an eye back for him, his work takes him places your average tv detective would not dare to tread. London has never been more thrilling. Beckett knows his city, he has the contacts and the reputation that wll take him to the darkest corners that few would be willing to tread. And his wit goes with him.

Funny, smart, sexy and slick, you need Daniel Beckett in your life. This book is thrilling and disturbing in equal measures and it would make a fantastic series for television. I already have the next book in the series, Death Is The New Black, and I cannot wait to find out where Beckett’s work takes him next.  


My Rating: 5/5 Stars     Format Read: Paperback

If you enjoyed my review, you can check out Kiss Me When I’m Dead for yourself today.

You can find out more about Dominic’s other work here.

And if you want to know a little more about the author, you can check out my interview with him, when I spoke to him last September.

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