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Whispers of a Storm

It is with great joy (and relief) that I can finally announce that the revised edition of Whispers of a Storm is now available to buy, once again.

First released in 2011 through Authorhouse, my first novel, and the first part of the Storm Trilogy, is a thrilling tale of political intrigue and high adventure. appealing to readers from all genres, not just the fantasy fans, this tale has captured the imagination of readers for 8 years now.

Re-released with fantastic cover art by the ever-talented Jamie Wallis, the Strom Trilogy also appeared in ebook format for the first time – it’s popularity leading to a stroke of good fortune in 2018.

Following the signing by an American publisher, Steelsage Press, the manuscript has had the professional touch, by the incredible Debra Doyle, wonderful new cover art by the dazzingly talented Omercan Cirit, and, for the first time, a map of the Four Vales, where the trilogy is set.

Sadly, in March of this year, before the book could be re-launched in America and worldwide, the publisher was shut down. Fighting against the disappointment of this setback, the edition that the publisher envisioned and had so much faith in, is now back, bigger, better and brighter than before.

If you enjoy a thrilling tale, full of intrigue and adventure, enjoy vivid, believable settings and strong characters, this one is defintely for you.

Escape to adventure today.

Paperback edition:

Ebook version:

Whispers of a Storm Cover KINDLE FINAL

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