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Shadows lengthen

The sequel to my debut novel ‘Whispers of a Storm’ is developing nicely at the moment. Shadows of a Storm picks up immediately from where Book One finishes and hopefully, will prove an even greater page-turner to its predecessor. But I just wanted to say that I am sorry it is taking longer than I had hoped.

Book Two has proven to be difficult to write. Not for the normal reasons one might expect…the pressure of delivering, meeting the demands of the reader and leaving them wanting more. There has been no writer’s block, far from it. My problem seems to be jostling the continuing promotion of the first book, whilst working full-time and having and sharing an amazing life with my fiancee. Simply put, life is just so busy and enjoyable right now!

I expect many authors experience this, when they start out. A first novel written, the search for a publisher, the constant thought process that fills your day (and notepad) with fresh ideas, new storylines, new adventures, yet to be told. My dream, of course, would be to become a full-time writer, doing what I love best. But of course, that doesn’t come without hard work, dedication and, some luck. I am working towards this, I hope…

So, I have given myself a kick where it is needed, have chided and berated myself for having too much fun, for always finding an excuse to not get on with things.

From now on I shall be working in the ‘Shadows’ and not, for the time being, listening to the ‘Whispers.’ Thanks for your patience all.

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