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I have just recently returned from a fabulous, inspiring stay in the Peak District, Derbyshire. Having been unable, of late, to focus fully on my wiriting, it has given me plenty of fresh ideas for my trilogy of novels.

Also, without the usual distractions of life (so nice to be able to switch off that mobile and forget about everything else for a time), I was able to get more chapters under my belt for my next novel (ones that I am also very pleased with) and the end of ‘Shadows of a Storm’ is a lot closer now, than it was before.

Here is the teaser from Shadows of a Storm (Don’t worry – there are no spoilers here for anyone who has not yet read Whispers of a Storm, or those of you desperate to find out what has happened to some old friends):-

The three men bravely stood their ground as the lead riders swept through them in a clash of blades and spray of claret. As they spread into the village, Meredith could see two of the guards trampled and cut to death as more riders appeared down the trail. Coroth, one of the younger guards employed by the mayor in the past few months was still standing and Meredith saw him stagger back, blood flowing freely from a deep cut to his forehead. A rider bore down on him and the wounded guard cut the man from his saddle with a wild slash. As the rider crashed to the floor Coroth followed him up by driving his blade into the raider’s throat. Wrenching his sword free he stepped back in triumph and tried to wipe the blood from his eyes, unaware of another two riders bearing down upon him. Reluctantly, Meredith turned from the sight and as she ran home she could hear a rider thundering across the square to intercept her.

Her heart was pounding above the screams of the dying and the lustful roars of the raiders and as she neared her hut she was painfully certain that she would never reach there in time…

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