I spent the majority of my life growing up in the pretty town of Hungerford in Berkshire, England and now live in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales, with my wife Amy and our cat, Mertle. Since an early age, I have always loved writing stories and in 2009, after many years of enjoying other authors works, I finally decided to try and give something back to the literary world. My early inspiration stemmed from the classic fantasy trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien. I then discovered David Gemmell, who became my favourite author and my style of writing has been inspired by the sadly missed author. In 2011, I self published my first novel, Whispers of a Storm, a medieval styled fantasy adventure and its sequel Shadows of a Storm was released in April 2014. The finale of the Storm trilogy, Vengeance of a Storm, was released 1st December 2016. I am currently working on my next novel ‘The Last Tiger’.

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  • In Review Of… 2020 (Part Six)
    In Review of… 2020 (Part Six)   Following on from last week’s finale of the TV that I enjoyed last year, this week I conclude my look back at the things that kept me sane last year with a brief look at the Board Games that helped me through 2020.   The Board Games   Growing up, we all have those fond memories (mostly) of long Sunday afternoons, hunched over the Monopoly board, praying that there were no arguments, and that you would be the first person to land on, and be able to afford, Mayfair. I remember I enjoyed playing Monopoly – or at least I think I do – I know games of it could go on for hours, and that I probably got bored after three hours of play, or fell out with my brother during it. Other games from my youth stand out more for me – Battleships, Cluedo, and, later into my teens, HeroQuest, Supremacy and Talisman. These board games, much like Dungeons and Dragons would come to capture my imagination, with a fantastic blend of mystery, escapism, and strategy. In 2020, as we all sought to escape what was happening in the real world, […]
  • In Review Of… 2020 (Part Five)
    In Review of… 2020 (Part Five)   In Episode three of the TV that I enjoyed last year, this week I continue to re-visit one of the television shows that helped me through those long 2020 Lockdown nights. This week, I also include some of the other shows that captured my attention and deserve a notable mention. The TV (Episode Three) Fargo (Season One) Back in October, I lavished a lot of praise on the first season of Noah Hawley’s thrilling exploration and expansion of the Coen Brothers’ 1996 Oscar-winning masterpiece of the same name. If you missed my review back then, you can check out what  I thought of it in more detail here. Suffice to say, I was enthralled, entertained and mesmerised by this first offering, which I finshed by saying ‘if you haven’t seen this wonderful show yet, you really, really should‘. Some months later, having binged my way through season 2 & 3, do I still feel the same way about Season 1, or has what followed heightened or lessened my opinion of the show? It is widely known that this show (there is a fourth season now which I have yet to watch) has it […]
  • In Review Of… 2020 (Part Four)
    In Review of… 2020 (Part Four)   Following on from Episode One of the TV that I enjoyed last year, this week, I continue looking at one of the television shows that helped me through those long 2020 Lockdown nights.   The TV (Episode Two)   When They See US On my radar for quite some time, in early November I finally decided to start honouring those shows that I had put, and ignored, on my Netflix watchlist. After devouring the first 3 seasons of Fargo (more to follow on that) and giving a notable mention here to Turkish show The Gift, I finally got to When They See Us – and I am still thinking about it now. Released in May 2019,  When They See Us is a Netflix Original, broken down into four powerful, hard-hitting episodes, directed and co-written by Ava DuVernay, whose previous works include 2012’s Middle of Nowhere and 2014’s Selma. Spanning over 25 years, this true story begins on the night of April 19th 1989, charting a series of events that culminated in a brutal aggravated assault and rape of a female jogger in Manhattan’s Central Park. The limited series follows the story of the […]
  • In Review Of… 2020 (Part Three)
    In Review of… 2020 (Part Three)   Following on from the films that I enjoyed last year, this week, I beging to take a more detailed look at some of the television shows that kept me entertained during those long Lockdown nights in 2020.   The TV (Episode One)   Better Call Saul (Season 5) How have we reached the fifth season of this brilliant show already? Back in February, as I tried not to binge on the latest season of the prequel to cult TV show Breaking Bad, it was becoming evident, even by Season 3 and 4, that this show was no cash-in. It wasn’t some spin-off, churned out to garner some ratings, milking the goodwill towards Breaking Bad, and keeping it alive in the minds of its fans. In its own right, and in the growing minds of many, myself included, Better Call Saul, which focusses on the origins (the rise and fall, and rise) of loveable crooked laywer Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, is as good as its predecessor. As the prospect of the final season looms (though when it will arrive now, remains to be seen), and the narritive timeline of both shows threaten to […]
  • In Review Of… 2020 (Part Two)
    In Review of… 2020 (Part Two)   Following on from last week’s visit to the books that kept me going through 2020, this week, again in no particular order of preference, I will share with you the films that have aided me in coping with the year that was. So, join me now (and as always, feel free to share your thoughts) on the films that helped me through last year. The Films   Parasite Back in August of last year, I shared my thoughts with you on Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar-winning triumph, and even now, all those months later after watching this movie, I still think of it. You can check out my original review here – but looking back, even now, this wonderful piece of cinema is in my thoughts, whenever I think about the films I have watched over the last year. Coming with the expectation from a derth of awards in the cabinet, any movie might struggle to live up to your expectations, and especially one that have garnered the coveted Best Picture award at the Oscars. But, rest assured, this dark, compellingly quirky and gritty South Korean masterpiece garners all the plaudits, and deservedly so. […]
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