I spent the majority of my life growing up in the pretty town of Hungerford in Berkshire, England and now live in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales, with my wife Amy and our cat, Mertle. Since an early age, I have always loved writing stories and in 2009, after many years of enjoying other authors works, I finally decided to try and give something back to the literary world. My early inspiration stemmed from the classic fantasy trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien. I then discovered David Gemmell, who became my favourite author and my style of writing has been inspired by the sadly missed author. In 2011, I self published my first novel, Whispers of a Storm, a medieval styled fantasy adventure and its sequel Shadows of a Storm was released in April 2014. The finale of the Storm trilogy, Vengeance of a Storm, was released 1st December 2016. I am currently working on my next novel ‘The Last Tiger’.

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  • In Review of… 2021 (Part Two)
    In Review of… 2021 (Part Two)   Following on from last week’s visit to the best Book and Tv show that kept me going through 2021, this week, I turn my thoughts to the best Film (honourable mentions also included), that aided me in coping with the difficult year we were still experiencing. The Film   Once Upon A Time In Hollywood In a year where I watched some incredible films such as Joyeux Noel, The White Tiger and The Trial of the Chicago 7, it took me a long while into the current Pandemic, to finally catch up with Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, which by then had already been out for two years and had garnered many notable (and in my humble opinion, deserved) awards worldwide, for its direction, writing, production design and acting. I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Tarantino movies over the years, ranging from not enjoying Pulp Fiction (I know, I am probably alone here with that statement) and The Hateful Eight, to not really understanding the hype, but still liking films such as Reservoir Dogs, and the Kill Bill volumes. Until recently with Django Unchained and the thoroughly enjoyable indulgence that was […]
  • In Review of… 2021 (Part One)
    In Review of… 2021 (Part One)   To start off the twenty-second year of the new millenium, again, like last year’s review of the year that was, I thought I would look back on the things that have kept me going during the second year of the pandemic, that, sadly, is still having a huge impact on all of our lives. As I write this, there is hope that a return to normal is on our horizon of possibiliy, but in the dark nights of the Winter, it still feels some way off. Taking a look back (in three parts) at the things that comforted me in 2021, I hope, if they haven’t already, something on these lists will do the same for you. For part one, I look back at the best Book and TV show that I have enjoyed during 2021 (with honourable mentions included). The Book   The Spartacus War by Barry Strauss As I near the end of writing my latest novel, it may seem like a bit of a cop-out, that my favourite read comes from my 2020 list of books, but this book has been an invaluable companion on my journey. Honourable book mentions […]
  • In Review of… Squid Game
    Call it what you will, but there are few TV shows these days that create such a buzz, that even in these covid-times we are experiencing, people are still probably gathering around water-coolers to talk about it. Game of Thrones was the last show I can think of that generated such a huge amount of interest and hype, and before that, I would probably have to go back as far as Breaking Bad, The Sopranos and The Wire. From the off, I can easily imagine that Squid Game will not be for everyone, and have seen many reviews and comments to back that up, but for me, personally, I found this show unique, captivating, shocking and a must watch. But before I say why, let’s quickly try and explain a little, without saying a lot. Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, this South Korean Thriller was only released on Netflix on September 18th, and is already the streaming giant’s most successful show. It all begins sedately, focussing on the tumultuous life of  Song Gi-hun, played wonderfully by Lee Jung-jae (Deliver us from Evil/Wiretap). A down-on-his-luck father, in an attempt to make his life better for his ailing mother and estranged […]
  • Solstice of a Storm Launch
    10 years ago, I set forth on my adventures into the Four Vales with the release of my first novel, Whispers of a Storm. Today, I am delighted to release the first in a series of novellas, Solstice of a Storm. Out now in paperback (£2.99p) and ebook (77p) formats, this quick read is the perfect way to introduce, or return readers to the Four Vales. Here is the synopsis:- There is peace in the Four Vales, but in the shadows, whispers tell of the dark days to come. In the capital city, Karick, there are those who would seek to destabilise these prosperous times with agendas and ambitions of their own and across the Vales, their desires are being fuelled by nefarious means – the desecration of rich tombs and ancient sites to fund the dark times ahead. But such is the way of things, there are those who are aware of the gathering shadows, and are prepared to make a stand. Those that will, despite the odds, band together to thwart the coming storm. Chronicling events before the Storm Trilogy, Solstice of a Storm is the first in a series of novellas that returns the reader to The […]
  • Exciting news
    I am delighted today, to be able to announce that my next book Solstice of a Storm, will be released in both paperback and ebook on Thursday September 9th 2021. The first in a series of Quick Reads, Solstice will return readers familiar to The Four Vales in a time before the events featured in my Storm Trilogy. For those of you not familiar with them, it will make an excellent introduction to the trilogy. There will be more information soon, but for now, here is a look at the cover art, from the very talented Omercan Cirit.
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