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Solstice of a Storm Launch

10 years ago, I set forth on my adventures into the Four Vales with the release of my first novel, Whispers of a Storm. Today, I am delighted to release the first in a series of novellas, Solstice of a Storm.

Out now in paperback (£2.99p) and ebook (77p) formats, this quick read is the perfect way to introduce, or return readers to the Four Vales.

Here is the synopsis:-

There is peace in the Four Vales, but in the shadows, whispers tell of the dark days to come. In the capital city, Karick, there are those who would seek to destabilise these prosperous times with agendas and ambitions of their own and across the Vales, their desires are being fuelled by nefarious means – the desecration of rich tombs and ancient sites to fund the dark times ahead.

But such is the way of things, there are those who are aware of the gathering shadows, and are prepared to make a stand. Those that will, despite the odds, band together to thwart the coming storm.

Chronicling events before the Storm Trilogy, Solstice of a Storm is the first in a series of novellas that returns the reader to The Four Vales, plunging them once again into the heart of these epic, thrilling adventures.


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