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History of a Storm

It is quite hard to believe that it was eight years ago now, after two years of writing, that I released my first novel, Whispers of a Storm.

Published by Author House, this was the first cover produced for it, which I had very little input with, other than to have to choose an image at the last minute, after the cover they produced was, to put it frankly, quite strange, and I would have had to pay them a small fortune for a different cover.

Whispers of a Storm

Paperback First Edition (AuthorHouse 2011)

Little did I know then where my adventures would take me – how much I would learn about the life of an author, how little I knew, much I would discover about myself. But, like all good adventures, I had to start it, had to have the courage to do so and put myself out there, and in April 2011 the first book of the Storm trilogy came out in paperback, two years before it would appear as an ebook.

Over the next few days, I will continue to chart the Storm tilogy’s history for you, as I work my way steadily towards the rel-release of Whispers of a Storm, and finally be able to share with you the new cover art for its third edition polish.

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  • Reply
    Terry Tyler
    April 28, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    Oh my goodness, I didn’t realise you published with Author House first time round – I have read SO many bad things about them, not least of all some guy who paid £3000 to go with them, and all he received was a badly edited and produced book, priced so highly that no one bought it! Glad you got out of that contract – this is why I blog about these scammers, and urge new writers to understand that publishers pay authors, not the other way round. Look forward to reading this series of blog posts – I hope they’ll be of help to newer writers 🙂

    • Reply
      April 29, 2019 at 9:38 am

      Hi Terry. Yes, I didn’t really know what I was doing at the start. I basically paid £600 (so I got off lightly by the sounds of it) for them to produce the book and cover, which you can create for free on Amazon these days. Back in 2011 , unless I missed it, I don’t think there was that option for me then, and I had spent a year sending the manuscript off to publishers, only to hear the standard “no thanks” after months and months of waiting – so I thought I would go for it and just get myself out there.

      The layout of the novel was all down to me, which was why it did look very good inside – AH did nothing with that, just added in copyright blurb. I had very little support through the process, other than to get a few proofs through, but, of course, if you wanted ‘extras’ you would have had to pay for that privelage.

      It did get me out there, give me a small platform to shout from – but all of that was because of my hard work – if I thought my large word count paperbacks are fairly pricey on Amazon these days, Whispers was listed (and I had no control on that if I recall correctly) by AH for something stupid like £17.50 – basically, I sold all the copies myself at shows etc., and only a very small few copies online – so much for the amazing exposure AH would give me.

      The only positives I can see from my own personal experiences with them was that it did get me out there, and, to their credit, the paperback quality that AH produced was of a much higher standard than the ones I recieve from Amazon – but I really did have to pay for that privelige.

  • Reply
    Terry Tyler
    April 29, 2019 at 10:09 am

    Yes, that’s the problem with vanity presses – they’ve already made their money from the author, they don’t need to promote the books. I can see how authors who really want to have their books in paperback will try this option – I never saw myself as anything other than an ebook seller.

    I don’t seen anything wrong with going with a vanity press if you know what you’re doing, and why; I reviewed a book a while back from a guy who had gone with Troubadour (who seem to be the best of them), simply because he wanted the paperbacks and proofreading service they offered. The problem comes with these scammers who call themselves ‘traditional publishers’ and flatter the authors into thinking that they have a real publishing deal.

    • Reply
      April 29, 2019 at 10:43 am

      Sadly, as always, the bad companies seem to outweigh the good ones. I had not heard of Troubador. I think AH have re-branded themselves now, so I have no idea who/what name they are operating under.

      Amazon’s service makes it very easy to use for new writers, and the option to have a paperback as well is an added bonus for those authors who want to go that route as well.

      Yes, I think my motto is, “if you are paying anything for your deal, it is not a deal.”

      If I was starting out today, I would not start off the same way I did – but, I guess, this is what the journey is all about – the adventure. I am learning something new every day, it seems. let’s hope that by talking about it, we can help others, too.

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