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It has been far too long, since my last blog update, and I thought it was high-time I filled the ether in with what has been happening with my writing.

Last May, I had an offer of a publishing deal for the ebook rights to the Storm Trilogy, and since then, I have been working with the publisher, Steelsage Press, in America, on the the new manuscript for Whispers of a Storm. New, professional line-edit, new cover art and a map of the Four Vales. It has been a very exciting time for me, and in that time, I have also finished my fourth novel, a modern thriller called ‘The Last Tiger’, which I hope to have out this year.

Let’s fast-forward to what’s happening today:-

It is now, almost exactly ten years ago, that I started writing down an idea I had, whilst shopping in my local store. A decade later, I have just finished my final read-through of the final copy-edit of Whispers of a Storm, and it, like I, has come a long way.

It is a bitter sweet moment for me, as the adventure I have been on for a decade now, culminates with the imminent release of this new edition – but without, sadly, my publisher….

Only 3 weeks ago I had a message to say that my publisher, and the hope I had for their support, experience and marketing, had been shut down before my book could even be released.

Naturally, I am disappointed, but I have taken this next turn of events on my path as another quest to complete, as I journey on. I have come away from the experiences of the last year with so much positivity, it would be foolish and selfish of me to look at the negatvies.

As I move forward on this new adventure, and more frequent contact with the wider world, I hope you will join me again, when Whispers of a Storm returns, in all its shiny new glory, later this April.

Thank you.


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