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Well, firstly I should offer apologies for not posting for quite some time now. It’s been an epic last several months and life, as it so often can for us all, has got in the way. Not that things have been bad for me, far from it. An amazing, epic adventure of my own with my fiancee Amy in Northern India and the Himalayas has left me inspired, far beyond any words can describe.

Back to reality now and the small matter of a sequel that has taken far too long to arive, slowly building momentum amongst the daily distractions of life and work. A couple of months ago I took the decision to take my writing seriously and I am now dividing my working life between my job at the library and writing. It’s only my second week of this new life and the results, already, show that I have made the right choice.

My first novel Whispers of a Storm took me two years to write and whilst I was re-locating to start my new life in Wales, in the interim eight months I managed to write eight chapters of the sequel…starting full-time in the library, it took me double that time to write the next eight.

In the two months leading up to my job change, I have made great progress and as I type, two years to the day that I started full time at the library, I am on the last chapter of ‘Shadows of a Storm’ and hope to have it off for proof-reading next week. It’s been a long, sometimes ardous journey for me, but now that the finish line is in sight, I am getting excited again at sharing the next installment of my trilogy with my patient readers.

It appears that for me to write well, I need a routine, one that a full-time job was only providing once every two weeks.

I hope you’ll join me again on the adventures we hopefully have ahead of us soon!

Happy reading!


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